Career and Free Shirt Details Form

Career and Free Shirt Details
  • Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with We are a new internet startup company and have very unique and custom graphic designs for all teen age girls, made all in our in house factory in the US.

    As a startup company, we would like to introduce ourselves to many valuable clients in various channels. In order to provide you the fair and affordable priced product, we need to find the best way to reach you.

    If you help us, we can introduce ourselves more effectively to many people in exchange we offer you one free garment we are currently selling. This is win-win way without any obligation, no cost, no burden both parties in good relationship. 

Simple Way to get the Free Shirt with Free Shipping
  • Who Any female age under 20
    How a. Introduce to your Social Networking Sites
    b. Post at least 10 of your favorite Acttis shirts on Social Media Sites
    c. After you finish a and b, please let us know to
    d. We will send you a free shirt coupon to your e-mail, and you can order it.
    e. After you receive it, take pictures and upload 2 good pictures in Instagram
  • Free ShirtSNS assistant
  • If you apply SNS assistant, please send us your resume. We do not ask your phone number and address, but age because if you are under 18, we need to get the parental consent for the job.